What is TSUBOMI app?

TSUBOMI is the digital pre-publication magazine of Tsubomi Editions. For only €5,49 per month (for a yearly subscription), discover and read in preview, the entire catalog of Tsubomi Éditions, in all legality.

Subscribing to TSUBOMI allows you to support the manga creators who work tirelessly to offer you original and exclusive content.

Download TSUBOMI on your phone or tablet to discover pre-published titles from Tsubomi Editions.

Which mangas on TSUBOMI?

TSUBOMI allows you to discover and read 100% original and exclusive manga of any genre; action, romance, adventure, suspense, science fiction, slice of life, Yuri…

TSUBOMI is an application dedicated to the catalog of Tsubomi Editions, which works in short circuit with talented authors. Like a pre-publication magazine, discover month after month the new chapters of Tsubomi Editions’ exclusive creations.

How much does TSUBOMI cost?

Enjoy access to the entire original Tsubomi Editions catalog on your smartphone and/or tablet via the TSUBOMI application for only  €5,49 per month or €53,99 for an annual subscription.

Where can I use the TSUBOMI application?

You can install TSUBOMI on your Smartphone and tablet, IOS or Android, anywhere in the world and enjoy a catalog in original French and English language!

Who can use the TSUBOMI application?

Anyone can use the TSUBOMI app. If necessary, an age restriction system is built into the application.

Why install TSUBOMI?

TSUBOMI is a legal and ad-free digital manga reading solution.

By installing TSUBOMI, you directly support the creators and allow them to offer you more and more exclusivities and original content.

Which languages are available on TSUBOMI?

Currently, all titles on TSUBOMI are available in their original language, in French and in English!

To provide you with a quality translation, Tsubomi Editions works with professional translators.

Some manga from other publishing houses on TSUBOMI?

TSUBOMI application is a reading service of the publisher Tsubomi Editions.

Tsubomi Editions is an independent publisher that creates, publishes and distributes its own original content by signing and promoting its own authors. Therefore, it will not be possible to find titles other than Tsubomi Editions’ creations on the TSUBOMI application.

The TSUBOMI catalog: a digital-only offer?

The TSUBOMI application is the digital pre-publication magazine of Tsubomi Editions.

After the pre-publication, comes the publication!

Most of titles will be available in paper version for purchase via the pre-order service available on the TSUBOMI application and our website tsubomi.fr

Be patient, the authors of Tsubomi Editions are still creating!

How are Tsubomi Editions’ authors paid?

All authors signed by Tsubomi Editions are paid per page and benefit from the protection of French copyright law, allowing them to participate in the success via royalties.

Adopting TSUBOMI is therefore directly contributing to the fair remuneration of authors.